Another Human Study Shows that Resveratrol Works!!

Another human study has shown that resveratrol can have a positive effect on people with impaired glucose tolerance (i.e. pre diabetes).   In the study, 1 gram/day, 1.5 grams/day, or 2 grams /day were given to human subjects – all of whom were nearly 72 years of age and who had body mass index scores indicating they were nearly overweight, overweight, or obese.
All of the subjects experienced improved insulin sensitivity and postmeal plasma glucose readings. There was also a positive trend towards better endothelial function. (Note: no difference was seen between the 1 gram dose and the 2 gram dose).
Editor’s Note: Several studies have shown that many people with prediabetes develop type 2 diabetes within 10 years of becoming prediabetic. It appears from this study, and others mentioned in, that resveratrol could very well be a very effective way to stave off the increasing number of people developing type 2 diabetes around the world. Of course, an improved diet and increased exercise can also help to stave off type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, sometimes these improved lifestyle choices are not attainable – either because the person too infirm to exercise, they do not have the desire, will, or time to maintain a better diet and exercise program, or because they do not have access to healthier food and/or drink. Resveratrol very well may benefit millions of people in this regard. It may also bring down staggering health care costs related to diabetes.

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