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Resveratrol Helps Prevent Muscle Damage From Exercise (Especially in the Old)

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010
Specifically, resveratrol helped prevent oxidative stress in the muscles of exercised mice fed resveratrol – especially older mice. In the West Virginia School of Medicine Study, resveratrol was fed to two groups of mice – young (3 months) and old (27 months) – for 10 days.   On days 8 - 10, the mice’s muscles were contracted using electricity. The group of young mice fed resveratrol had significantly less oxidative stress than the control group of young mice not fed resveratrol while the group of older mice fed resveratrol experienced even more protection from oxidative damage than any of the the younger mice or the older control group. 
It is widely know that exercise (muscle contraction) increases the level of oxygen derived free radicals   - which can damage muscles and decrease recovery time. This free radical damage due to exercise is widely seen in older mammals – who do not recover as quickly from exercise as their younger counterparts.  Might resveratrol be used to allow older humans to remain active into their later years?

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