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Resveratrol Gum To Be Distributed

Monday, September 13th, 2010
Danish gum, candy, and neutraceutical maker – Gumlink A/S -recently announced that it has developed a resveratrol chewing gum.  
The benefits of a resveratrol gum may be numerous.   For instance, a resveratrol gum will allow resveratrol to be absorbed buccally (through the mucous membrane in the mouth) – in other words, directly into the bloodstream, thereby avoiding any bioavailabilty issues that may affect resveratrol absorption through the intestine (e.g. when resveratrol pills are swallowed). 
According to the company, “…our R&D specialists have successfully incorporated resveratrol into our patented dual-layered compressed chewing gum and we can now offer this concept to our global customers. We expect interest to be greatest in the US where the consumer awareness is highest, but also substantial interest on a global scale in the not-so-distant future.”

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