Human Study: Resveratrol Improves Heart Health and Decreases Inflammation

Researchers have revealed the results of another study that shows resveratrol improves human health. Spanish researchers have shown that just 8 mg. of resveratrol, delivered in a grape complex supplement, “significantly improved the inflammatory and fibrinolytic status of patients” at high risk of cardiovascular disease – as reported in The American Journal of Cardiology
In particular, the patients taking the resveratrol supplement experienced 26% lower levels of C reactive protein (“CRP”) – a reliable marker of inflammation. The patients receiving a sugar pill or a grape supplement without resveratrol did not experience these benefits.  
According to the study’s authors, “In the present trial, the decrease in CRP…was correlated with decreases in TNF-alpha and PAI-1 values, which are also important markers in the onset of cardiovascular events.”
Editor’s Note: It is amazing that lower and lower amounts of resveratrol are being proved to be beneficial in humans. Whereas early resveratrol media coverage suggested that one would have to take mega doses of resveratrol to see benefits, recent studies have indicated otherwise. For instance, one recent study revealed that 40 mg. of resveratrol per day decreases inflammation and oxidative stress in humans. Another recent study revealed that just 10 mg of resveratrol/day significantly improved LDL cholesterol, endothelial function, and left ventricle function in human heart attack patients. This study, touting resveratrol’s benefits at just 8 mg., continues the trend supporting low dose resveratrol supplementation. 
That 8 mg. of resveratrol can have positive benefits on human health should not be surprising however, considering the typical bottle of red wine contains about 8 mg. of resveratrol; the health benefits of red wine consumption are well established.   But consuming a bottle or more of red wine per day can lead to many health risks due to alcohol content.   So instead, low dose resveratrol supplementation appears to be a good option for general health maintenance and those with heart problems and diabetic issues. 

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