More Clues About How Resveratrol Fights Alzheimer’s Disease

A recent Japanese study appearing in the Journal of Neurology offered new clues as to how Resveratrol fights Alzheimer’s disease and perhaps other forms of dementia. In particular, the study found that humans with Type 2 diabetes are 74% more likely to develop dementia and also have double the risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.
 Further, the study found the highest risk of dementia/Alzheimer ‘s is in patients with the most dramatic glucose fluctuations after a meal. According to the study’s author, after a meal “glucose regulation is vital to prevent future dementia.” 
For its part, Resveratrol might prevent or treat Alzheimer’s in two ways: 1) Resveratrol increases insulin sensitivity - thus stabilizing post meal glucose levels; and, 2) Resveratrol, a small molecule, passes the blood brain barrier and destroys the amyloid beta plaque that many scientists believe causes Alzheimer’s disease. 

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