National Resveratrol Alzheimer’s Study Underway

Recruiting for a double blind study to determine whether resveratrol can help people with Alzheimer’s disease is underway at 26 medical-academic institutions around the United States. Half the patients will receive 2 resveratrol supplement pills per day and the other half will receive two placebo pills. The study will last for one year, with an escalating dosage given every three months. The dose for the final three months will be two 1000 mg. pills per day. 
The study is being led by Dr. Scott Turner of Georgetown University and is being funded by the National Institute on Aging. 
Editor’s Note: Resveratrol has been shown to help animals with Alzheimer’s disease – most likely by reducing amyloid-beta plaque in their brains. Drug maker Genentech has developed a drug, Crenezumab, which also reduces amyloid-beta plaque. Soon it will launch a five year study in Columbia to determine if this drug can help people predisposed – by genetic factors – to becoming afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. 
One has to wonder; if the above mentioned resveratrol study demonstrates that resveratrol helps Alzheimer’s sufferers to a significant degree, and if other studies prove that resveratrol prevents humans from getting Alzheimer’s disease, what will be the future of Genentech’s drug? Resveratrol, if effective, will surely be a cheaper and more widely available alternative – through supplements, functional foods, and the like. Only time will tell. Let’s hope both therapies help to end this dreadful disease that afflicts over 5 million Americans and many more worldwide. 

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