New Resveratrol Human Study Results are “Stunning”

Dutch researchers have just released the results of a human resveratrol study in the journal Cell Metabolism.
In the study, 11 obese men were given one 150 milligram 99% pure resveratrol pill per day for a period of thirty days. The men experienced numerous indicators of improved health including improved blood pressure, improved insulin sensitivity/lower blood sugar, reduced fat in their livers,  and cells that function more efficiently.
In sum, this relatively low dose of resveratrol had the same metabolic effect as a strict calorie restricted diet (calorie restriction – the process of eating a third less calories per day, while obtaining the proper nutrients, has been shown to extend lifespan).  Further, there were no serious side effects reported.
According to the study’s lead researcher, Patrick Schrauwen, “This is very positive news," and "We need further studies, but I would advise people to use resveratrol”. 
For his part, Dr. David Katz, the Director of the Prevention Research Center at the Yale University School of Medicine, called the results “stunning”. He stated, "There is at least reason to hope a meaningful anti-aging effect could be appreciated as well."   "I rarely get excited by any one research paper. I am excited about this one."
Dr. Rafael deCabo of the National Institute on Aging echoed Dr. Katz's sentiments - “I think it’s very promising.” ”It’s very significant.”
Editor's Note: 5 years ago today, November 1, 2006, this was the title of a New York Times article "Substance in Red Wine Extends Life of Mice".   

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