Resveratrol Can Protect the Young Brain from Oxygen Deprivation and the Resulting Damage

Greek researchers recently demonstrated that resveratrol can protect the young brain from brain injury.  Specifically, in the study, 2 groups of seven day old rats were subjected to greatly reduced levels of oxygen to their brains, but another third ‘control’ group was not subjected to the reduced oxygen levels. Next, the first group was treated with resveratrol and the second group was treated with a saline solution – the control group was treated with nothing.
The scientists then tested the behavioral skills of the three groups, and subsequently examined their brains. Amazingly, the resveratrol treated mice performed nearly as well as the control group (not subjected to oxygen deprivation) on several of the memory/learning, sensorimotor, and reflex tests, while the saline treated mice fared significantly worse on these tests
And the post mortem examination of the mice’s brains revealed that the resveratrol prevented damage to the gray and white matter of the mice’s brains – preserving their learning/memorizing ability, balance, and reflexes.  
Note: Resveratrol can also protect the brain from neurodegenerative diseases.  Please visit the "Neurodegeneration" tab of for more information.

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