Three New Studies Show Resveratrol’s Ability to Fight Cancer

Three New Studies Show Resveratrol’s Ability to Fight Cancer:
Two of the studies demonstrated that resveratrol compliments existing cancer treatments. Specifically, in one study, scientists at the University of Missouri School of Medicine found that resveratrol given in conjunction with radiation therapy encouraged prostate cancer cell apoptosis better than radiation therapy alone (apoptosis is a cell’s self destruction or preprogrammed death). Likewise, scientists in Brazil demonstrated that resveratrol given in conjunction with chemotherapy induced breast cancer cell apoptosis better than chemotherapy alone. 
In another recent study carried out by the National Institutes of Health, scientists discovered that resveratrol might be a more effective and safer chemotherapy agent than those on the market today.    According to the paper - which appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - resveratrol killed rapidly dividing cells and selectively eliminated cancer cells that were resistant to multiple drugs. As such resveratrol was determined to be a “potentially better chemotherapeutic agent[s] than ones currently used.”
Editor’s Note: Hopefully resveratrol will continue to astound and will become a standard therapy for cancer patients in the near future. Current chemotherapy and radiation treatments have many negative side effects and their effectiveness often leaves much to be desired. In short, there is a clear need for a safer and more effective cancer therapy. Resveratrol might just hold the answers.   

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